Webmail is a convenient replacement for computer and mobile phone email applications if you do not have access to your personal machine and you don't have a smart phone. You'll be able to gain access to your e-mails through any web browser, so that you can keep in touch with people if you travel around and you drop by an Internet cafe, for instance. Webmail apps are rather advanced, so not only will you be capable to send out and receive e-mails, but you will also be able to use an address book, make a custom signature as well as make new folders, that can later on show up in your PC email app. It is important to know that the emails displayed in the webmail are the ones on the server, so if you set up an e-mail address in a PC app while using POP protocol, the messages will be downloaded on your desktop and they will not be accessible in the webmail. The solution in this instance is to use the IMAP protocol any time you create your emails inside a PC application.
Webmail RoundCube in Shared Web Hosting
When you have a shared web hosting plan with us, you can use an excellent webmail program named Roundcube. It's a completely functional application which can substitute for a regular desktop app in everyday electronic mail communication and it has a lot of functions. With just a few clicks, it will be possible to send out and receive emails, make aliases or an HTML signature, make an address book or manage your email folders. Roundcube can be accessed in two ways - either by simply clicking on email addresses inside the Emails area of the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, or by entering our default webmail URL right in the web browser’s address bar and typing in the e-mail address and its particular password. If you wish, you can also set up a custom URL with one of your domains via Hepsia and use it to access the webmail.
Webmail RoundCube in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The semi-dedicated server plans that we offer feature an advanced webmail application known as Roundcube. It may substitute any kind of personal computer e-mail app since it incorporates every one of the capabilities that you might need - aside from sending out and receiving emails, you can also make folders to manage your correspondence, create an address book to control your contacts easily, create distinctive identities for the very same email or include a customized HTML signature that will appear automatically in all new messages that you create. You're able to access Roundcube either directly via its login page where you need to type the complete email address and its particular password, or through the Emails section of your Hepsia Hosting Control Panel, where one can just click on an email and log in without the need of entering any password. If you like, you can even make a webmail login URL with your domain name and employ it instead of our default URL.